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  • Eve Blakeman

Five Good Reasons To Use a Copywriter


You know your business better than anybody. You could write reams about the history of your business, the development of your brand, and all the specific features of your product. But how do you put yourself in the shoes of your client? That’s where a copywriter comes in. We keep our focus on the client to persuade them of the benefits of your product, not just the features.

Attention to detail

We understand how to target your specific audience through language. Copywriters are language obsessives. Through our use of language, we have the skills to turn readers into customers, quickly and easily. Our writing skills give us control of the tone of your marketing materials, creating subtle shades of meaning that strike the perfect note with your audience. We also possess advanced knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar. These are essential for clarity and meaning, of course, but also (crucially) for search engine results.

Fresh eyes

It can be difficult to look at your own business completely objectively when you’re so closely involved with every aspect of its life. That distance and perspective is something a copywriter can offer. Through working closely with you and conducting our own research, we get to the root of what your business offers its clients. We then pinpoint this for sharp, clear and targeted marketing copy.


It may be that you’re perfectly capable of writing your own marketing materials, but you don’t have the time to make it as good as you’d like it. A copywriter frees you up to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Or perhaps your in-house copywriter needs help during busy periods; why not then consider a freelance copywriter?

Leave it to the pros

To put it bluntly: just because you are literate, doesn’t mean you’re a writer. I have the means to cut my own hair, but I don’t. I have scissors and a mirror, but I know it’ll have a far better outcome if I leave the cutting of my hair to the professionals. The same logic applies to copywriting. Why not leave it to someone who hones their craft on a daily basis?

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