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  • Eve Blakeman

Spring clean your website copy

When you’re busy with work, maintaining your website content can feel very low priority. But just a few minutes spent focusing on the writing can greatly improve its overall impact.

Here are three simple pointers to help you refresh your website copy.



Keep the layout simple on the page.

Look at your longer, more complex sentences and split them up.

Break paragraphs into smaller paragraphs where possible. Audiences can be put off by a dense block of text.


Focus on the benefits

When describing your business, stay focused on your clients and what they want.

On each page of your website, make sure your focus is on the benefits of what you're offering them, not just the features.

Re-evaluate every page with this in mind, and you'll make significant improvements.


Readability is key

Nobody wants to read at the limits of their ability, so keep language simple and sentences short. This will ensure it's comfortable to read.

Avoid trying to impress with complicated vocabulary that reduces fluidity. Your audience will quit if it's uncomfortable to read.

Did you know the average reading age of the UK population is just 9 years old? The Sun newspaper is written for a reading age of 8, and The Guardian for a reading age of 14...

Bear this in mind with your content. Being able to communicate complex information in a simple, straightforward way takes effort and skill but gets results.


And finally…

A quick word on that all-elusive ‘SEO’.

Google is increasingly placing emphasis on good quality writing. Put simply, Google prefers understandable content written in plain English, because voice search is getting bigger.

Well-written website copy that communicates in a clear and concise way will always get you results.


Not sure where to start with yours? Contact me on

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